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Uncertainty and rapid change make establishing sustainable advantage increasingly difficult for organizations. We help our clients navigate this challenging environment to generate long-term value for themselves and their stakeholders at both the organization and the program level.

We do this through strategic planning & organizational development, philanthropy and analytics & research.

Highlights of our strategy work include:

Strategic Planning and Organizational Development

Leading business strategy for carbon market firm.

Setting and implementing sustainable business strategy for new underwater timber harvesting company.

Advising investor/philanthropist on large-scale conservation strategy and investment.

Launching an NGO working across Eastern Africa.

Rapidly developing new teams in several organizations.

Coaching Director of Marketing and Research on strategic marketing for sustainable fisheries technology.

Advising sustainability-focused children’s apparel start-up.

Research and Analytics

Supporting venture capital partner in due diligence of cleantech start-ups, leading to investment in lighting technology firm.

Evaluating renewable energy projects for Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC).

Preparing the United Nation’s global water assessment based on the work of 1,500 scientists.

Assessing opportunities in linked California and Quebec carbon markets.

Championing and overseeing portfolio and project risk management for $130M (indicative size) carbon offset portfolio.

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