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Transportation Priorities in the CRD – Duelling

November 17, 2015

A column and an article in the past week’s Time Colonist starkly contrast visions on how to address transportation challenges in the capital region. On the one hand, the provincial government is trumpeting spending $85M to build a new interchange that does nothing to address the roots of the problem, is blind to those who don’t travel in vehicles and ignores climate change. At best, it buys commuters a few years before the traffic jams settle back in place. On the other hand, the city of Victoria is spending $8M to expand cycling infrastructure with a goal of “becoming the best small cycling city in the world”. We have a long way to go – and critically need to see similar leadership from the surrounding municipalities to have a true cycling network – but it is a big step towards transforming the region and a long way from the Province’s 20th century vision of transportation = single occupancy vehicles.

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